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Name of company TM NETWORK Incorporate
Founded July 22, 2015; 1 years ago, Nipponbashi, Osaka, Japan.
Key people Minoru Masuda (President and CEO)
Hironobu Oi (Executive Vice President)
Taneo Sato (Auditor)
Headquarters 5-9-19 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka, Japan
Tokyo office 6floor, Kanda eight building, 4-6-7 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Business Lines Portable Audio Business (e☆earphone)
Event Business (Portable Festival)
Crowdfunding agency Business (RAKUNEW)
Number of employees Male 19, Female 8 , A total of 27 people
Affiliated company TM Network Inc.
CCC (Culture Convenience Club) Inc.


1- Let's gather lots of "Thank You" from our customers.
2- Let's evolve to meet the needs of our customers.
3- Let's follow our hope and dreams, and work with pride.
4- Let's explain our products in an easy to understand, kind way.
5- Let's challenge ourselves and take the initiative to resolve whatever obstacle.
6- Let's help the city grow lively with as much as possible business activity.
7- Let's help the environment being a cycle-oriented business and reducing waste.

1- Let's always look for ways to surprise and impress our customers.
2- Let's pay attention to any difficulty our customers may feel and take the initiative to resolve it.
3- Let's keep a sense of competition with each other to raise up our professional skills.
4- Let's enjoy our work to the point of forgetting the time. 5- Let's act first and think while in action when confronted with something new.
6- Let's carry out events that attract lots of people.
7- Let's be conscious of the 3R social policy (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle).

1- Let's challenge ourselves with many new ideas.
2- Let's give emphasis to speed, action and results.
3- Let's nurture our staff to be high skilled professionals.
4- Let's think in a way where we place ourselves in other people position.
5- Let's evaluate people based on achievement, not on years of experience.
6- Let's learn management skills and support the idea of new businesses.
7- Let's give consideration to environmental and social issues.

・Organization is a group of people to achieve a goal.
・It's natural for an organization to go through evolution.
・Staff's improvement means company's improvement.
・Staff's decline means company's decline.
・While communication through text is important, never underestimate personal contact.

about us


Uncompromising attention to detail, quality and
service in a specialized shop

Most people shop in big department stores, discount stores and through the internet with a focus on price
rather than service, but that is not good enough
depending on the merchandise.

And if a customer is looking for an earphone or headphone...
how to choose from so many different types
without trying it on? Where to get advice? What about
the shape? What about the sound? And if the
customer after buying it wants a replacement?
What to do if it needs repair? ...

Hoping to fulfill the desire of all customers, offering our
best service, e☆EARPHONE was created.